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Pots and Pans 

Pots and Pans







 Next the pots and pans, you will need three or four different sized saucepans, and when it comes to cooking pasta bigger is mostly better so one had better be big, 20 liters or so but the rest can just be a standard set. They vary greatly in price but ones with heavy bottom's are the ones to got for if you can afford it.









You will also need frying pans, i have three, one is part of my saucepan set with a heavy base, another that is a cheep cast iron thing that i found at a jumble sale, It’s got ridges on the bottom that leaves a pattern on what ever it is you are cooking, This adds nothing to the taste of the food but makes the it look a little more professional. Because its all metal including the handle it can also get put in the oven, fantastic for a nice piece of sirloin steak. The third a non stick that is grate for breakfast (if she stays the night!). I have not found a nonstick pan yet that does not scratch or wear out in time so be prepared to throw this one out after a while.
For those long cold winter evenings a casserole dish with a lid is also a must have. If its cast iron and not glass then it really adds to the atmosphere.