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Must Have Odds & End's

Kitchen Utensil's

You can purchase sets of utensil's at a very reasonable price but there must be an egg lifter, a potato masher, ladle and a pasta spoon all the other bits you may or may not use. I like to get the separate items and only the ones I need the rest just sit there and gather dust, Stick to the plastic if possible they melt when you are not looking but are better for your non-stick pans. I am sure you already have a bottle opener, cork screw, potato peeler and a can opener, if not then how have you survived this long?

 Mixing Bowls

You will need a few mixing bowls, I love the inexpensive shinny metal ones, they are easy to clean and only bounce when you accidentally drop them. If you dig around you can even find ones with measurement markings on the inside.


A metal colander is also a must, you will need it for pasta and it will double's up as a vegetable steamer, BIG plus for the healthy eaters.


 Kitchen Scales  

A set of kitchen scales come in very useful and are a must for any baking. The cheep and cheerful plastic ones work just fine.




>  A Kitchen Timer.

Not something that you see a lot of in big kitchens, i think that they a just well hidden, but an absolute necessity for us, and don't be ashamed to use it. This little device has saved my butt on more than one occasion. While we are creating our gastronomic master pieces we are also keeping up polite and hopefully intelligent conversation as well as looking swerve and sophisticated, this is multitasking at its worst, trust me it’s all to easy to forget something in a pot or the oven that will send you down to the take-away. If I am cooking more than 1 dish I often need 2, a quick tip if you can figure out how to use it most microwaves have one built it.
Measuring Spoons.
Measuring Spoons
Right when it comes to tot measures or calculating how many beers we have had our persepction of volume is perfrct. However in the kitchen we need to be a little more percise, and we need to get our selvs some measuring spoons. In all the recipies I have tried to keep all the measurments to "Tea Spoons",Table Spoons" and "Cups" or part there of. So for a few bucks we should all be in the same ball park.
Pestle & Mortar.

I have to admit for me its not a kitchen it don’t have one of these. look just go out and buy the biggest stone one that you can find and use it often. I use mine for just about anything, grinding up herbs and spices for curries, small amounts of salad dressing, berries for deserts toppings, marinade for meats, mint sauce the list is endless. You see the aim is to get the juices and oils out of what ever it is we are cooking with, because that's where all the flavour is, and by bashing the crap out of something in a big stone pot is just about the best way to do this. So just go and get one, they also look really cool and it makes a lot of noise when you use it, proper bloke stuff.

A Hand Blender.
Not an absolute must have but entertain at your own risk if you don't have one. Many recipes will call for something to be pureed, blended or mixed and this thing will do the job better and faster than you by hand. If you become really serious about entertaining or just earn big bucks then splash out and get yourself a food processor, you will be able to spend hours discussing attachments with your mates down the pub.  



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