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Crockery Cutlery and Glass Ware












So the last big expense is the table settings and attention to detail and not necessarily money spent here will return big dividends. I once had Christmas lunch at a friends where every piece of crockery on the table was second hand and from a different set, there were no two pieces the same and the table looked fantastic, it must have taken years of visiting antique shops tracking down odd bits of quality tableware. What i am trying to say is spend some time and think about the look you want to create and how the bits you buy will look together. With a bit of thought you can create a real homely feel that will just add to the evenings.

Plates, side plates and dishes here i recommend buying a set form a good department store and try to pick a brand that is also available from other stores, things will get broken and you will need over time to get replacements. White or off white is the colour to go for as they will match almost everything else you put on the table and show the colours in the food off to their best. You can experiment with shape but they must look classy and watch out for the ones with corners they tend to chip easily. A point to remember you must buy as many settings as your dining room table will sit if not more. If you are doing this right she is going to want to show you off to her friends. 












As for knives forks an spoons they are a bit like beer bottles, the heaver they are, the grater the impression of quality they will give. Try and stay away from the ones with gold bits they look dated after a while.



It seems to me that there are as many different wine glasses around as there are wine's so here is my list of what you will need.

File:Highball Glass (Tumbler).svg  









Firstly a set of tumblers, Cold drinks, beers, fruit juce even water can all be served in this glass its a good all rounder.

File:White Wine Glas.jpg  
















Then white wine glasses. Normally taller than others as they can also be used for champagne. They are tall and slim showing off the bubbles to their best as they rise up. Through the wine.  


File:Red Wine Glas.jpg 



















Next red wine glasses, shorter and fatter in shape. A lot of the pleasure of drinking red wine comes from smelling it as we drink it. So this glass exposes as much of the wine to the air as possible and is big enough to get your nose inside as we swill the stuff back.










Lastly sherry or port glasses. In comparison these are tiny as we are meant to only slowly sip the stuff.

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