Ok so you have someone you fancy. You have broken the ice and been out for drinks and now it’s time to invite her back to your place for some quality time alone. Or you perhaps you just want to do something a bit special for the wife and rekindle some of the spark. Then this site has all you need to know how to plan, and dish up the perfect evening of fine food and romance.

Over time and with your help I would like to see this site to develop into a valuable resource for all romantics out there, so if you have a tip or recipe that you would like to volunteer or you would like to follow what others have offered check out our Facebook Page and leave a comment.


Boys at some point we lost the plot. We only give flowers as a get out of jail card when we have been up to some mischief, and if we give someone we fancy a present we don't let our mates find out and the gift is normally something like the latest rugby shirt. Somehow it seems that doing something nice for a woman is only done by losers and wimps, as if it somehow reduces our manhood, I mean what ever happened to romance. Well after a little investigation I am pleased to announce that courtship is alive and well, the rules have changed a bit from what i remember but the game is still on and just as much fun as it used to be. 
So to start with lets look at what this site is not, it's not an ABC of the dating game, its not a bunch of secrets passed down from a long line of successful bachelors on how to score with woman and Its not going to guarantee the perfect a wife in record time but for those blokes that, dare i say it are not afraid to show their feminine side a help full guide to preparing meals that if all goes to plan will impress any woman that is the object of your desires, and for the married among us doing a little something for the wife now and again cannot be wrong and giving her a special evening where you do the cooking and perhaps come up with a small gift may have some unexpected results.

A little about me. For a bunch of reasons that i am not about to go into I found myself once again single but this time around i was not going to put myself under any pressure to fill the void, I wanted to enjoy the experience of being carefree, to come and go as i pleased and for a change i wanted to spend time doing the stuff i thought i wanted to do. I will call this my skydiving and flower arranging phase as most of the things i tried i have no intention of ever doing again. However the one thing that has stuck is cooking, over the years i have developed a bit of a passion for preparing and sharing food.
Now don't get me wrong i am no latent Michelin chef but i get a bit of a buzz out of inviting a group of friends over for supper and serving up a good home cooked meal. With a bit of practice and planning and the help of a basic recipe book and the food channel even if i say it myself i have turned out some pretty impressive tasting and looking dishes. It was during one of these evenings that i noticed that more often than not it was the women that were more impressed with my new found culinary skills and not my mates that i was trying to impress, and that the single among them were often very willing to accept an offer of a second invitation.

As these suppers were normally just the two of us there was no pressure to turn out multiple dish's with all the trimmings, instead a simple but well thought out menu with a good wine where the cooking was often shared produced memorable evenings and friends that have lasted for many years. To tell the truth I know the love of my life is with me today more because of some homemade pasta than my good looks and charm. So before we get all the pots and pans dirty a few simple but necessary rules.

1. I know this is about romantic suppers but KISS is not a goal it stands for "Keep It Simple Stupid!", have a plan, think about what you are going to cook and how long each part is going to take? do you have all the ingredients? How much can you do before your guest arrives.

2. Never experiment with a new recipe on a guest! Practice it on your own at least once preferably twice, trust me very few romantic evenings turn out well when you have to say " Kido this just aint happening i am just popping out for some take aways".

3. I know a workman should never blame his tools but carving a chicken with a Swiss army knife... you get the picture, in the section marked "Get The Gagdets" will we will look at what tools of the trade you will need and I know you will have grate fun finding out how to use them.

4. Try and clean up as you go, wipe down surfaces, wash the odd pot, you will look more like you know what you are doing and no one wants to wake up the following morning with a head full of fond memories of the night before and then face a battle field of a dirty kitchen.

5. Hygiene...boys it starts with washing our hands and probably ends there as well. It is quite easy to give someone a bit of the old jippo, so keeping things clean and frequently washing your hands this will prevent some very embarrassing stories being told about you.

6. lastly Have fun, the sharing of food is one of the oldest and kindest things we can do and to do this with someone we care about makes it all the more special.